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The Jewel Room showcases George Headley's collection of jewelry, bibelots and mounted semi-precious stones.

These pieces are housed in the east-wing of a two-wing structure built in 1964, which the was originally designed to have the feel of a jewelry box with its shape and dark, closed interior.

Some of the current collection includes:

Mask of Bacchus

A 17th century Italian coral mask of the mythological god of wine, his eyes set with emeralds, is mounted with coral branched on a base of gold and onyx. The god's characteristic motif is seen in the gold grape vine set in the back of his mask and in the clusters of gold grapes and leaves which adorn the base. Approximate height 4 1/2 inches.


A 14th century French terra cotta pigeon with pink gold feet wears a necklace of blood rubies, diamonds and gold. Approximate height and length is 8 X11 inches.

Fish in Cave

A fish of serpentine, gold and diamonds guarding a large pear-shaped pearl swims through a cave of volcanic rock. The base is made of abalone pearl, olivines and enamel. The seven gold starfish are set with green tourmalines. The fish was carved by George Wild. Approximate height is 5 1/2 inches.

Blue Chalice

Rock crystal is set between two gold cups covered in blue enamel. Approximate height 5 3/4 inches.


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